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Published author and proprietor of VikingWord.Com

Arik Bjorn is a novelist, screenwriter, and essayist, but most of all, a dedicated father. In addition to his love for the arts, he has a passion to help people pursue and achieve their own life goals. Often, the barrier that stands between a person and their ultimate dreams of success is the ability to present themselves on paper. That’s why he’s still helping others with professional portfolios and resumes–and other ways to showcase their skills and achievements. His work has been read by millions of people in every country on the planet–but he knows the critical need, sometimes, for one person just to catch the attention of another singular individual. This is how career dreams come true, and it’s also how humanity benefits from all of us making the most of our hard-earned skillsets.

“This guy has serious editorial chops and a fabulous sense of humor…”